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Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (8)

After 4 weeks of testing I bought a license for Softube Modular with the additional module emulations from Intellijel.
It helps me quite a bit learning and getting my head around patching, sound generation / wave shaping / subtractive / additive synthesis etc. without investing a hell a lot of money from the start.
Via the 4×2 aux outputs of the Modular CV/Gate or audio signals can be sent to the analog gear. Lots of fun !


  • I got access to presets only in Logic Proc X, not in Ableton Live or Bitwig.
  • Adding, Moving modules is just horrible and breaks any convenient workflow
  • Handling of connections is counterintuitive too
  • A few presets sound just „ugly”
  • 4×2 Aux output for sending CV/Gate to analog gear but no inputs ?