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Werkstatt – SSRLabs SM042 Kotelnikov

I made a big mistake here:
Mixed up IC sockets and went crazy cause could not find where to put some component.
My apologies go to Dmitry, owner of SSSRLabs, for saying there is a mistake with the kit.
Had to un-solder and replace the IC socket – took quite some time but got it done !
And finally I lost a capacitor  …

Many, many thanks for your patience Dmitry!


Current state of work on the SM042 Kotelnikov kit. Another evening and hopefully it is done and WORKS !


Werkstatt – New Stuff: Sonic-Potions Penrose Quantizer, Equipment

New kit arrived:  Sonic-Potions Penrose Quantizer


New instruments:

  • FG 085 miniDDS Frequence Generator
  • Fluke 7250A Universal Counter/Timer
  • Oscilloscope Tektronixs 2225


Still looking for a better Function Generator, Digital Multimeters,  NF Millivoltmeter and other audio measure instruments. A HAMEG 205-3 Oscilloscope is on its way.

Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (18)

Got a lot of work to do in my job with quite some responsibilty.
A bit unlucky last few days concerning audio stuff.

An IC socket was missing from the Kotelnikov kit so had to wait till a box with sockets arrived yesterday. Now I can go on.

Still no clue why the Rebel Technology Stoicheia does not work 100%. Have to wait for an oscilloscope. Easier to follow the signal path.

Bought a sec hand oscilloscope, coming home it did not work properly, was quite a bit  frustrating. At least got an agreement with the seller who refunded half of the price.
Had a hard time to find another at a good price asap. Hopefully arriving next week and praying that it really is properly working.

Worked on new patches but nothing really worth to share yet.

Werkstatt – Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (18)

Ready to go !


It took only 3 hrs concentrated work on Sunday to finish the Rebel Technology Stoicheia module kit. Made a mistake with one poti, where a leg was bent. But could resolve it.

I built in a case, connected and was frustrated as it did not to work. I checked everything again and again, re-connected, tried and tried again.
Finally with right patching I realized it works just the LEDs do not ! So for the moment I leave it like it is, but definitely come back to it and check.