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Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (10)

Added a Doepfer A-180-3 Buffed Multi today, still waiting for a Quad VCA  and two Manhattan Analog CP3 Mixer.

After quite some trouble with PayPal finally the SM042 Kotelnikov DIY Full Kit is on its way. Many thanks to Dmitry from SSSRLabs for his patience !  More about it when I got it.

For the VCL Modular 101 course we got the assignment to record some minutes of music with our modular gear and publish it own Soundcloud or alike. WOW !

Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (8)

After 4 weeks of testing I bought a license for Softube Modular with the additional module emulations from Intellijel.
It helps me quite a bit learning and getting my head around patching, sound generation / wave shaping / subtractive / additive synthesis etc. without investing a hell a lot of money from the start.
Via the 4×2 aux outputs of the Modular CV/Gate or audio signals can be sent to the analog gear. Lots of fun !


  • I got access to presets only in Logic Proc X, not in Ableton Live or Bitwig.
  • Adding, Moving modules is just horrible and breaks any convenient workflow
  • Handling of connections is counterintuitive too
  • A few presets sound just „ugly”
  • 4×2 Aux output for sending CV/Gate to analog gear but no inputs ?

Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (7)

Current state of my little crazy setup

Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (3)

The “Modular Fever” really got me.

Waiting for my first complex module: Make Noise tELHARMONIC
(second hand on modular
And on eBay I got the Moog Eurorack Case 60 HP + 2 Tier Stand really cheap.

Next I will try some DIY kits. Lucky I did quite a bit of soldering, building various projects, in my youth. Just need to build a workplace with all the necessary stuff.