Still busy but ..

Still very busy with software business.

Setup changes quite often, looks like this at the moment

All work hast one target: I want to dedicate 2018 to Audio, Modular and Electronics.


Blog offline and being quite some time away

Had some problem with a plug-in causing a 500 error and thus the blog was not accessable.

My work as a software developer was overwhelming, eating up all my time and still wants to do so. At the moment I am recovering from a severe lung inflammation and it looks like having  some chronic problem.

Nevertheless looking forward to do more “Klangtüfteleien” and blog about modules, ideas and this and that 😀

Werkstatt – Looking for defect Modules

I posted classifieds and on various groups that I am looking for and buy defect Eurorack modules to learn and study current techniques and how to do troubleshooting. Got a few already and more are on their way – even one from Japan !

So, lots of work waiting for me but hey, it is so much fun to work with real hardware again.

If you have one you want to get rid of just send me an offer me[at] 


Diary of my Journey in Modular Land (22)

Got the Snazzy FX Ardcore incl. Expander offered second hand like new for 50% of the new price, could not resist and bought it. Took only an hour or two till the first program was uploaded and working.
Although there was the usual hiccup with the drivers on macOS it worked ! Even without  disabling the Apple drivers.

Have to test now on new macOS Sierra … Thanks winter is coming and long dark days/nights for  deep sound explorations.